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 Transmitter and reciever

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PostSubject: Transmitter and reciever   Fri May 30, 2014 4:29 pm

Hi guys. Planning on building a bot. And need to do it as cheap as possible. First thing I need to get sorted though is a transmitter and receiver. A while back I sore something on the net somewhere on a pretty cheap build it from scratch system. Anybody have any ideas on how to do this. The bot I plan on building is a crusher type of bot. tank style steering. Will have one arm that will come down rather quick to catch the opponent with a secondary arm that will then come down slower but with more force. Other plan is to have the first arm come down and bee the main crusher with a secondary spinning blade coming down behind that. wait depending of course. But the transmitter and receiver will need to channels for the weapons and two channels for the steering and driving. I might want to have the spinning blade have an on and off function so another channel for that and then another for spare/in case. So 6 channels in all. Please help me get this done. Buying a transmitter and receiver for this will be insanely expensive. The reason I am trying to get it done so cheap is because I only have 5 months to get this all designed built and tested. And I dont have the budget or time to save for this thing. Thanks.
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Transmitter and reciever
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