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 Educational video: Classic Riobotz tutorial info at work

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Chief Bottle Washer

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PostSubject: Educational video: Classic Riobotz tutorial info at work   Tue Apr 20, 2010 4:38 pm

Anatomy of a fight....true single tooth high rpm drum vs horizontal spinner from REALLY close up !!

this is really a cool video. MLEC's driver spun his drum way too fast, fearing Animosity's mag driven blade.

Not until the mag driven weapon stopped spinning, did he slow it down and get a good bite, removing the blade.

Only Alex Grant's great driving kept him in this for so long. Even at speed, Sting WMD's drum milled plastic, aluminum, steel, etc from Animosity and the arena walls.

there has to be some educational value from this closeup video. the arena floor is covered with debris. WMD's drum did some grinding, but a lot of milling as well....chunks on the floor, not grinding dust.

NEW BOT BUILDERS....Read and read the Riobotz tutorial, until you understand what took place in this and other fights......thanks again to Marco and the Riobotz team.... bounce

read the tutorial and ' AVOID THE PAIN' then read it again and again and again!!!!

btw: Please feel free to comment on the good, bad and ugly's all good stuff's the video (best viewed full screen)

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Educational video: Classic Riobotz tutorial info at work
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