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 Can this ESC handle this many amps?

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Ryan McKinney

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PostSubject: Can this ESC handle this many amps?   Thu Sep 16, 2010 2:26 am

For a four wheel drive ant weight wedge, I'm using 4 motors each with a stall current at 12V of 4.3A. Could one Pixie 7P ESC (which can handle 7A continuously) be used for both motors on one side without the ESC burning out? The specs on RBM don't say what the peak current it can handle is, just the continuous. I'd be running the motors at 11.1V so the stall current may be slightly less than 4.3A.

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Don Doerfler
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PostSubject: Re: Can this ESC handle this many amps?   Thu Sep 16, 2010 6:23 am

ya that should be able to work because the peak should be higher
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big contributor
big contributor

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PostSubject: Re: Can this ESC handle this many amps?   Thu Sep 16, 2010 6:35 pm

NO, The Pixie 7P is not reversible. It'd make a fine weapon ESC, but you wouldn't be able to turn or go in reverse.

The current the motors pull will depend on the gear reduction, size of your wheels, and the traction you get. The odds are that if the motor is stalled, it will burn up just as easily as the ESC will.

If your motor is listed, or you know all of the stats on your motor, the Tentacle Torque-Amp hour calculator can be useful to find (approximately) how many amps you should draw.

The Banebots 3-9 is the closest thing to the Pixie, but depending on your gearing you it may go into thermal protection mode, but the good news is you can't blow it up. Or you could try a Sabertooth or Scorpion, though they are much bulkier.

Edit:Added more info
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PostSubject: Re: Can this ESC handle this many amps?   

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Can this ESC handle this many amps?
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