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 Failsafing the DX3.0 DSM 3-Channel Radio with SR300

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PostSubject: Failsafing the DX3.0 DSM 3-Channel Radio with SR300   Fri Oct 08, 2010 7:55 am

Is failsafing this remote that difficult? Judging from the manual online, it appears to be similar to the spektrum dx61. Any help or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
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PostSubject: Re: Failsafing the DX3.0 DSM 3-Channel Radio with SR300   Fri Oct 08, 2010 6:55 pm

I don't recall if what we have is the DX3.0, but if you are using the SR300, I don't think the transmitter really makes a difference.

Anyway. what you do is rebind with the failsafe settings.

In other words, first set your trims and/or endpoints so that everything is off/centered, then turn bot and transmitter off, then install a binding clip on the battery terminals on the receiver and power it up by providing power on any other channel (basically by powering up your ESCs, which typically have BEC built in), then IN BINDING MODE, power up your transmitter. (For some transmitters, this means you hold down the 'bind' button while turning it on, for other transmitters this means turning it on and then navigating the menus until you find, then activate, the bind setting). Then you wait. . . . . until the light in the receiver stops blinking. then you remove the binding plug from the reciever, then power off everything.

This should do the trick.

But it is best if you then test it the same way the inspectors will at a competition.

Which means that you power up your robot (and nothing moves) then you power up your transmitter (and nothing moves), then you remove your weapon safety restraint (ideally in a battlecage), and then activate your weapon (the weapon should then move, hopefully a LOT), then you turn off your transmitter, and in less than 30 seconds all motion should cease. If so, your weapon is failsafed. Now to failsafe your drive, turn your transmitter back on and deactivate your weapon, then spin your robot (on a joystick this means holding it full left or full right, on a pistol grip this typically means no throttle, but holding your steering full left or full right), then turn your transmitter off. All motion should cease. If it does, then you pass. If not, then start over.

By the way, is the DX 3.0 a pistol grip, or a joystick? The reason I ask is that we have only found one good way to use a pistol grip, and that is to install an elevon/v-tail mixer device between the receiver and the ESCs, and want to know if anyone has figured out a good way to do the mixing in the transmitter.
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Failsafing the DX3.0 DSM 3-Channel Radio with SR300
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