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 so whats everybody up to?

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ULTRA contributor
ULTRA contributor

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PostSubject: Re: so whats everybody up to?    Tue Aug 30, 2011 9:56 am

I know BBIQ takes teams from puerto rico, how do they feel about India?
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Jeff L
Minister of Silly Walks
Minister of Silly Walks
Jeff L

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PostSubject: Re: so whats everybody up to?    Wed Aug 31, 2011 10:27 am

rdubard wrote:
jeeves_m_d wrote:
(Anyone know any popular event that occur between April and September?)

Early reports are that BotsIQ (from now on I'm gonna call it that instead of "Nationals" for obvious reasons) will be at the Miami Beach Convention Center sometime in April. There is a meeting of the local teams (not directly connected to BotsIQ, but since Nola is gonna be there the questions naturally get asked) this Thursday night, so I should have more unofficial info by then.

And my updated status-the 3lb billet wedge turned out nice. That kid has potential. He will probably take it to GCRS in November. The team is back in school and preparing for our recruitment kickoff. The plans and tests for the disc/vac 15 are moving slowly but steadily--at least 4 students have pledged to get it done. And of course my Seniors want to build another 120 drum bot (like the world needs more of those). My plans to make a 3lb version of MooMoo have been indefinitely tabled. . .

I think I saw the beginnings of their drum robot idea this summer. Personally I'd say they should focus on making Cholo even better, but that's just me.

Today might be the day I get all my waterjetting & milling done on my antweight. It's going to be a close one, but hell or high water this thing is going to Dragon*con.

Georgia Institute of Technology - Mechanical Engineering
RoboJackets Battlebots Team - Weapons Design Team Leader 09-10
President of RE Robotics 2005-2007
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RC TTwins

RC TTwins

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PostSubject: Re: so whats everybody up to?    Mon Oct 31, 2011 8:13 pm

Just started college about 2 weeks ago now i have all this free time going to start working on designing 3ld but who knows me and my brother are going to pti for electrical engineering so other then all the homework its been fun.. Boy do i miss bots it makes me sad to think it might be over for me
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PostSubject: Re: so whats everybody up to?    

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so whats everybody up to?
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