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 Introduce yourself

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PostSubject: Introduce yourself   Sat Apr 04, 2009 5:28 pm

My name is Mr. K and I am the Instructor/Coach for "Team Jag" at Miami Lakes Educational Center.

We have been in existence since January of 2008.

We have built 3-15lbers, Thump, Rattler and Rattler 2.

We have been fighting since last spring.

Our inaugural fight was at the Miami Dade County Youth Fair in the spring of'08 "Thump" (6th place).

Thump is retired as of now and serves as a driving trainer bot.

At BotsIQ last year, we had 6 victories between two bots, 4 Rattler2 and 2 with Rattler.

We placed 6th (Rattler 2) and 12th with Rattler.

In 2009 we won (Rattler2) and placed 3rd (Rattler) at the Miami Dade County Youth Fair .

Unfortunately we will not be going to BobtIQ this year. Crying or Very sad

I would like to help make fighting robots grow in this region of the country.
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Introduce yourself
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