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 need to buy an A28-150 MagMotor

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PostSubject: need to buy an A28-150 MagMotor   Sun Dec 11, 2011 5:39 pm

Hey guys!

I could use some help, After loosing all our electronics and drive system for our 120lber "Rhino" to our University and taking stock of what we have, I am in need of at least one MagMotor.

Particularly an A28-150.

If anyone has an extra or knows someone that wants to get rid of one, let me know to buy it.

Of course I might also be interested in any Victor ESC's and Whyachi Gearboxes. Just let me know, I really need the help!

Thanks guys! Appreciate it!
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PostSubject: Re: need to buy an A28-150 MagMotor   Sun Dec 11, 2011 7:05 pm

We have some rather shopworn Victor ESC's. Like 10 of 'em. One of the designs we have calls for two, and we want to keep some extras, but since you helped us out with the big outrunners, and you are a generally good guy, I'll be happy to send you some.

Most of them have cracked cases, most of them do not have fans. There are some 883's, some 884's, and some 885's, sorta all mixed up, and since the cases have cracked and been replaced, I'm not sure which are which (any idea how to tell by looking at the boards?). But we have checked them all with a servo tester, motor and 3S Lipo, and they all do work.

What the heck happened to your stuff? Do you still get to keep the big outrunners?

Send me a PM to set up the Victor thing (no Mags to spare, however)
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need to buy an A28-150 MagMotor
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