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 Victor 883 Speed Controllers for sale

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PostSubject: Victor 883 Speed Controllers for sale   Sat May 05, 2012 11:24 pm

Victor 883 ESC's for sale

60A Continuous
Only weighs 4 oz.
Ideal for High Current Drive Motors
Safely handles high continuous current draws and extreme current surges.
Integral cooling fan ensures cool FET junction temperatures.
The low voltage drop ensures the motor receives maximum power.
Perfect for battle bots
PWM input
Coast/brake jumper

I have about 8 883's from old FIRST robots (non-combat) I would like about $90 for each new they go for $150+ so its a great deal, They are all fully functional, They are really great speed controllers.

Email me what you think, matter0464(@)

P.S $90 includes shipping..
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PostSubject: Re: Victor 883 Speed Controllers for sale   Sun May 06, 2012 10:04 am

Link to Product page
6 to 15V (or 16 to 30v with special fans)
Requires PWM Signal Driver (booster) cables to operate with most R/C receivers (also, these blow out if supplied more than 5V--so check your BEC)
Victors do not have a BEC
Signal cables have tendency to pull out during operation--combat robot use will require glue/clip
Footprint is 2.2 by 2.7 inches, height with fan is 2.09 inches

I have a lot of these too (not selling), and except in large bots they have been surpassed by modern technology. Victors are very durable and have been used in lots of great battlebots, but the signal wire issues, lack of BEC, and large size have made them less desirable over the years.

This is a good price, so a budget builder looking to make a 30lb or larger bot would do well with them, but just be aware of the need for a rx battery (or separate BEC) and the booster cable stuff.

Pricewise it's no comparison, but the Castle Creations Mamba Monster ESC is what we now use in place of the Victors. They are a brushless ESC, but using the Castle Link you can program it to 'Crawler Reverse' and 'Brushed' modes to get the same sort of performance (a little better actually) than the Victors, but in a smaller package with no signal wire or BEC issues. (I'm not selling these either)
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Victor 883 Speed Controllers for sale
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