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 Nationals 2013

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PostSubject: Nationals 2013   Tue May 21, 2013 4:36 am

Skip to the videos if you dont really care about what we changed

A year later and things didn't go all that much different then last year.
Improvements to the bot included taking off about 1 lb from the bot by pocketing out the frame more and also switching from 5 cell A123 to 4 cell. We were not only able to actually put all of the screws in the bot this year but we put even more weight into the drum (weighed 3.9 lbs on the NRL scale) while the 4 cell still left our drum spinning faster then most there I think and our bot was still plenty of fast enough using 540's with 16:1 P60's
The drive esc's were still an issue up until Friday afternoon. We had ordered Botbitz 25A esc earlier in the year only to receive a bad batch. I blew out 2 of them after a maximum of 5 minutes drive time. I switched back to the old scorpion XL we had been using before but had problems with it as well. Luckily we had another one still in the package the worked out great for us through the competition. The only problem we ran into is when we hit weapon to weapon upside down against mini nuke and the impact seemed to some how reset the XL. After the match a header pin was unbent, the esc was re-calibrated and worked great again after that.

We went 4-2 which I'm actually really happy with considering we weren't even sure if it would drive (with control) and probably had some of the hardest hits along with mini nuke, bloomsburg's rhynex and MRL from USF

And the videos
A compilation of hits and highlights minus our grudge match with Pixie that was awesome

Our first win was against a first year team from Indiana

Our second win was against a wedge from Ohio, the had control of the match till the last minute. We had took the gamble on running a set of caster wheels in the front. Bad decision because we couldn't get under them fortunately the both broke off

Our first loss came against Mini Nuke in a match that speaks for itself (look at all the people video taping, including the judges)

Our third win was against a wedge from Minnesota

Our 4th win was against a beater from Minnesota (who apparently caused us $4k in damage...)

Our second lost was against a really well driven flipper that had a hardened steel shell from Ohio. We had been using an old drum with unhardened teeth so we werent able to get a bit at all

The bot didnt really take much damage and I don't really come up with anymore improvements that I hadn't already wanted to do but didn't get around to this year.

I had a great time overall, it was a good competition and it was nice seeing a lot of familiar faces.
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2000+ club
2000+ club

People Skills : 5525
Registration date : 2009-03-16

PostSubject: Re: Nationals 2013   Tue May 21, 2013 4:38 am

O and I accidently blew out our only 6 ch rx around 1pm Friday when I wasnt paying attention and reversed the polarity to the scorpion while also forgetting to clip the BEC wire which is why we used two DX3S which I actually liked better and so did the kid driving
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Nationals 2013
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